6 Tips For Increasing Email List Conversion Rates


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One of the most valuable elements to any website or online business is it’s in-house mailing list.  This can be your own little pot of gold and consists of people that have already visited your website and found your content valuable.  If you’re not already offering some kind of free newsletter, update or report for email subscribers, stop reading this article and get started setting one up.  If you’re already established a mailing list, this article will give you some can’t miss rules for getting the most subscribers from your website traffic.  The following is a list of 8 ideas to help you more quickly build your list of subscribers:

1. Pop-up Subscription Box
This is one of the most effective ways to get your newsletter sign up form in from of visitors, front and center.  There are many 3rd party scripts and plugins available that can help you quickly and easily implement a very professional looking lightbox popup on your site.

2. Give Away Valuable Content
One of the best ways to convert a higher percentage of traffic into list subscribers is by giving away free informational products.  They could be in the form of an eBook, a video or video series, access to a restricted area of your website or some other form of value media only available by subscribing to your list.

3. Offer Special Pricing
Can’t think of something to give away as a free offer?  Why not give visitors the incentive of special pricing on your products and services?  This can be a very effective way to increase the conversion of your list building forms.

4. Subscribing To Leave Comments
There is varying debate on whether having the ability for visitors to leave comments on your site is worth the effort it takes to manage those comments.  But one thing is certain.  It can be an excellent way for you to get subscribers to your list.  Just add a subscription checkbox and link to your privacy policy to your sign up form for leaving comments on your posts and you can quickly begin to see more people dripping into your mailing list.

5. Build A Forum
Forums have been around forever, but to this day they continue to be a great way for you to build a community of people interested in your content, products and/or services.  Similar to adding a checkbox to your signup process for leaving comments, you can simply add this same checkbox to your forum registration process to funnel new forum members directly into your mailing list as well.

There are tons of ideas that you can easily convert into a downloadable product via your website.  Examples of possible downloadable files include programs, scripts, templates, audio, video and PDF documents.  Add a new page with your newsletter signup form before access to your downloadable content as another way to increase the number of people joining your in-house email list.


Your in-house mailing list can be the single most valuable aspect of your online business.  It may take time to build, but if you do it right and always focus on providing high quality content, you list can generate a steady stream of revenue from direct advertising and increase your overall website traffic, reducing your dependency on your organic search results.

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