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Google+ (pronounced as Google plus) is a social networking service provider operated by Google. More than just a social network, it is said to be the next big thing when it comes to marketing strategies and reaching a wide but at the same time specific audience. Once you get to know how Google+ works, you will be amazed with the features they offer. In less than two years, they have reached 500 million registered users.

Google+ is often ignored by people especially by social media marketing professionals. They fail to notice how useful it is when it comes to social media marketing and content marketing. It’s probably because Google+ is new and people think it’s “just another social network account” like Facebook or Twitter.

Google+ will definitely help you market your business or company to the right people. It doesn’t just reach people randomly, the Circles feature will help you reach group of people with different specific interest. Go through these Marketing Strategies designed specifically for Google+, and see its effectiveness for yourself.

1. Create a Good Google+ Account

You now have a Google+ account, first thing you should do is to create a good profile. Write a good detailed profile description. Once you finish this, you can now start your Google+ business page. This feature will allow businesses to link their Google+ Page with the company website. Having this page increases your chance to be seen on Google searches.

In order to make your Google+ account effective, link all your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.  This is important so that you don’t have to post to all of those social media accounts, Google+ will automatically update those accounts once you post on Google+. This means you can reach not only the Google+ users but users of different social networking sites as well. Also remember to link the homepage of you website. So that when people see your profile, they can get to know you or your business more by visiting your website. It is also advisable to put keywords on your Bio for SEO purposes. Lastly, create an attractive cover photo that will wow your visitors. Now, your Google+ profile is ready to be exposed to the world.

2. Establish your Local

First of all, you have to make sure people will be able to locate your business or company through Google+ Local and Google Maps. One thing that’s great about Google+ Local is that people get to search for places, companies or business that their friends recommend or like. So if your clients or customers rate you, their friends can see these ratings. This contributes a lot to the business’s online visibility especially through Google search.

3. Update and be active on Google Plus

Find some time to update your Google+ page. This will draw more people to see your page. The +1 feature allows users to share or recommend your content. That is why you need to take full advantage of this feature and regularly post interesting things or updates about your company or business that could draw peoples attention.  Another interesting feature is the Ripples. Ripples will show you statistics for your public posts, like the number of +1′s it got from the people who saw the post. You can then see how far your post has reached and how effective your posts are.

4. Create Circles

Use the Google+ Circles feature to create different communities of different interests and field. The Circles feature allows you to sort out your contacts into customized groups depending on field of work, interest, organization etc. This feature makes it easy for companies and businesses to group their customers or clients into different and specific circles and share content to different circles depending on who they want to share the content with.

5. Secure a Google Authorship

Google authorship is a feature that allows you to have full claim authorship over all the content published on the web. How does this work? When you publish an article or post, it is automatically linked to your Google+ Page. Once you use this feature, all your articles and posts are marked with Google Authorship. All your posts will come up in the search results with your profile picture and a More by Author link. It makes your content look more original. Both your personal profile and page visibility will improve, which also means, better SEO.

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