A History of AdSense After 10 Years


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Adsense is run by Google and it is one of the top internet ads provider to date. It was released in 2003 and is currently serving more than 2 million publishers around the world. It is continuously providing relevant advertisements,  making it the most preferred ads serving program.

Hello to Online Ads


When the internet was introduced, people started to use it. As the number of internet users increase, online advertising was conceptualized. In general, online advertising started in year 1994. The first online ads were introduce and people accepted this new means of advertising. There were differences when it is compared to the traditional way of advertising, most especially that the internet was not widely used at that time, making it less preferred way of advertising. As it runs, researches had been conducted to make a target market or audience to make up to its limitations in terms of audience. Developers are planning to create an application to make this happen. It was only after several years that online advertising became in demand as the number of internet users increased. In the late 1990’s, billions of dollars were invested in online advertising. It costs $30 to $100 to run banners ads. Banner ads were in demand and people invested money to advertise their business and companies.

Hello, Google Adsense

Before Google Adsense, let us first trace back how it started. It used to be privately owned by Oingo Inc. and it started in 1998 founded by Gilad Elbaz and Adam Weissman. Oingo Inc. changed its name to Applied Semantics in 2001, which was later then bought by Google in April 2003.

In the hype of banner ads, Yahoo! had been dominating running online ads. In mid-2000, banner ads became so common, making it quite ineffective when it comes to creating impact on viewers. This means of advertising became so obsolete that advertisers started to decrease. And after many years since the start of online advertising, Google (which was solely a search engine at the time), developed Adwords in 2001. Adwords is used by advertisers to drive traffic to their websites. Adsense was then developed in 2003, this allows blog or website owners to set aside space for ads on their web page and Google Adsense displays relevant ads on that space.

There were certain issues about how Adsense worked, and many advertisers complained. That is why in 2004 Google allowed its advertisers to have the option to get the AdSense network. Early in 2005 AdSense holds 15% of Google’s total revenues.

 Adsense for mobile was launched in 2007. This allows ads displayed on websites that are optimized for mobile view. It still has the same concept as that of the computer users. It will only differ in ad size since it will be designed for mobile. Now, publishers can still display ads through mobile devices. In year 2009, Google AdSense announced that they will be offering new features which includes its ability to allows multiple networks to display ads. The same year, Google also launched its Google Adsense for mobile applications. Early in 2010, Google AdSense started using search history in word context matching to show more relevant ads to users. In 2011, Adsense custom search was developed. This feature will allows AdSense users to make their ads more relevant and targeted on search-oriented sites by matching the same keywords users are searching to relevant websites. Users will now have a better experience because they will be seeing more ads that are only relevant to what they are searching for.

Final Thoughts

Through the years, Adsense have proven its innovative power. It is continuously improving for the last ten years of its existence. From Adsense, to Adsense for mobile, to Adsense for custom search to Adsense  for mobile application and who knows what’s next. What made Google Adsense standout among others is that it researches and never stops developing new things to improve its functionality. As technology changes, it has also worked its way to catch up on the changes. When mobile internet usage started to increase, they developed their application to work on mobile phones.

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