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Search Engine Optimization or SEOs have become increasingly relevant in the online business world. The objective of SEOs, as the name suggests, is to increase the likelihood of a current website (especially a business or marketing site) to appear in the first page of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search engines, most notably Google, have their own algorithm to determine which websites go to the first spot in its results page; for the case of Google, they have PageRank. This algorithm works with the content of the website in relation to certain keywords and most importantly internal and external links. In a way, it is a sort of online voting. The democracy of the people online determines the

Working with external links, specifically inbound links is called Link Building. This is one of the most important aspects in search engine optimization. The aim of link building is to increase both the number and quality of incoming or inbound links to a webpage. By doing so, in conjunction with proper internal links and related content, a website’s PageRank could be increased thus improving its chances of getting into the top spots of the results page.


Certain websites specialize or host link buildings for businesses and some websites are link building businesses themselves. Such a website is TextLinkBrokers.com. The website not only offers link building but also SEO, content development and promotion, reputation management, and social media management. Basically, we can put TextLinkBrokers.com as a host or service for Link building and SEO in general. What’s more, the website also offers content development and promotion; this will help further improve a site’s rank in the search engines. The website also offers aid in maintaining reputation that has been developed (with or without their initial intervention). Lastly, they also cover one of the most powerful new online trends: social media. It is now a well established fact that if you cannot extend into the social media scene, then there is little chance that a website business will boom quickly. This is incredibly important especially in the high stakes game of online marketing.

The company started in 2003 and since then (according to their homepage) provided quality page rankings. They have linked many a thousand of SEO/Link Building companies since the time they started and what makes them reputable in the SEO/Link Building industry is that they not only focus on short-term link gains but continue on to improve long-term link reputations. The company is US based with an expertise in integrated internet marketing techniques. This allows them to have consistent results and high ROIs. They also offer a multitude of languages which include English, Japanese, and Chinese to further extend their grasp of the internet market.

The website offers many link building services. They offer custom link acquisition, link bait or even guest posting. TextLinkBrokers.com also offers tools and services that further increase a website’s rank. These include already tried and tested methods like blog post links, article link building, and comment links. According to the site’s homepage, the main strength of the website is in building trust among search engines; going through lengths just to deliver quality links to websites. Their strategies always emphasize on the balance of value, effectiveness, and risk. The website offers many features, some of which come at a cost but for well thought out service. They offer paid blog posts over a wide variety of blogsites on the web; built on the same strategy of balancing value, effectiveness, and risk. Custom links are also available and can be purchased for a hefty amount depending on the content. These are usually the way to go for companies who want the best results for minimum risk.

The website comes on as incredibly professional and with good reason to as they have been on the forefront of the SEO business for over a decade now.

User insights

Being one of the, if not the best SEO/Link Building site on the web today; they have garnered many praises from users. The one common thing that is repeated is its reliability. Although links may be generated at a slower pace, links that are created are mostly “organic” which means they won’t live footprints unlike automatically generated scripts used by some websites (which get redflagged by Google). Sometimes users do become agitated by the relatively slow service but it mostly comes as worth the risk. The time to get the website linked is around a week or two. Service fees are available for their more specialized services as mentioned above but most users would opt to wait it out and not buy anything more than necessary. Overall, the website is slow but definitely reliable.

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