Benefits of Adding Social Sharing Buttons On Your Site


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Creating your own website is a great way to reach a number of people in order to promote your company or business. It is important to put a lot of effort on managing and updating the content, improving the design, interacting with readers and marketing your brand. It is not easy to maintain a website, because time and effort are needed to keep it up on the ranks.

But you don’t have to do all the work to promote your site, just by adding Social Sharing Buttons, your website readers and visitors can help you promote your website. The success of a website highly depends on how many people read the contents.  One effective way to increase the number of readers on your site is by using social sharing buttons on every website post. If you still don’t have Social Sharing Buttons on your website, better get them now! Here are a few reasons why you should get them now:

It’s Free Advertising

Many websites do  not have Social Sharing Buttons on theirs posts. Most of these website owners think that these buttons are useless. The truth is, it can help your website in many ways. Remember that it is free advertising. Although at first, it will seem useless. But once they start working for your website, it will soon be unstoppable  People will recognize your website once shares, likes and tweets start to increase. If you don’t believe this, just try it for yourself! You will be surprised by the power these buttons on your website.

More Traffic

Social Sharing Buttons will help your website get more traffic. It will help your website go up the ranks. But, don’t get too excited. Of course it is also important to make sure that your content is worth sharing . Whenever visitors or readers share your content, more and more people will see it. Your content’s strength is measured by how many times it was shared, liked, tweeted or posted on different social networking sites. If your content is frequently shared, that will help your website get better ranking. If you have these buttons on every post, it will be easier for them to promote your content and site.

Massive Exposure

When we talk about marketing, its main goal is to promote and expose your company or business to many people as possible. Having Social Sharing Buttons will benefit your site a lot. Keep in mind that there are millions of people who are actively using social networking sites everyday. So when a reader shares your content on his or her twitter or facebook, your content will be seen by a new set of people or network who might be potential buyers, customers or clients. All posts shared create a chain. Once a person shares your content,  a new set of people inside his or her network may find it interesting and share it to their friends. Then, when a new set of people again sees your content, they might again share it and then the chain goes on. Possibilities are limitless once you establish a good social sharing reputation. More and more people will be looking out for your website. Also take note on the posts that had a lot of likes, shares or tweets. You might want to write contents that are closely related to those topics as it proves to be interesting to many people based on the number of shares, likes and tweets it had. As long as you keep on posting interesting and creative content, your readers will likely create a habit of sharing your contents.  Quality of your content should be your priority in order to continuously get shares, likes and tweets.

A Quality Set of Buttons

To make your Social Sharing Buttons function at its best, make sure you have a good set of social media networking site buttons. Although Facebook and Twitter are two of the most used social networking websites, not all people have accounts on these social networking sites. You should also consider all the other networking sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Google+ and a lot more. This will allow you to reach a wider set of people once your content is shared on these other social networking sites.

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