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Regardless of the type of website you are dealing with online, one of the best way to significantly increase conversions (have traffic to your site doing as you please) is to simply take full advantage of your website’s call-to-action. Taking advantage of your call-to-action is actually one of the best things that could happen to your online investments, since it has been proven to have great impact on many websites who focused on building their call to action.

What exactly is the call-to-action?

A call-to-action (abbreviated as C.T.A) simply refers to the use of words to transform traffic going through your site or any other from simple users into actual product or service users. In order to help you in building your call to action, you must create tangible and relevant offers/benefits. This has been found to significantly incline to take action. You must also take advantage of social sources to create social proof. You can also try to address your target traffic’s innermost desires and make use of active urgent words such as: donate, subscribe, register, buy or many other words to convince your target traffic to take action.

Types of call to action

Sale oriented call-to-action: This type of call to action involves the use of words together with different design elements on a website’s home page to convince readers to take decisive actions. To benefit from such a type of call to action, focus on making sure that your target traffic clearly understand the specific action they are at liberty to take. The following are some of the key elements that will help you effectively build your sales oriented call to action:

  • Make sure you call-to-actions are noticeable – like use color red for buttons to suggest urgency to take some action.
  • Make your call to actions direct – make your call to action short and straight to the point so that users can immediately act on the call to action.

Opt-in call to action: This call to action is most suitable for websites that do not require the targeted traffic to indulge in any purchasing processes. When building the opt-in call to action the main focus is usually on getting the traffic through the site to get their personal contact information. Since building this call to action involves appealing to different personal motivations in the targeted traffic, here are a few thing to take into consideration when looking to add opt-in call to action to your website:

  • Properly pitching in all your opt-in calls to action. Go as far as showing visitors how they will benefit by filling in your forms instead of simply informing then on what they stand to receive by doing so.
  • Test all elements of your opt-in form. This is important mainly because the more you test the elements the more your form will be effective. 
  • Asking for information as this will generally hike your rates. This is so because details of personal information have been found to significantly improve subscription rates.

Social sharing call to action: This is the best call to action choice in case you are interested in using your website to increase your mutual interactions. This call to action has been found to be very effective in increasing the likelihood of visitors to your site following through your content and even going ahead to share with others. In fact this call to action will help you take care of the fact that a large percentage of traffic on social media takes actions independently. To make build your social sharing options simply apply the following:

  • Take time to build in social sharing tools into your content that are easy to use.
  • Make use of sharing tools in multiple locations on the website’s homepage.
  •  Direct traffic to your website to openly share the contents of your website with others directly.

Bottom line

From the above, the process of incorporating calls-to-action into your website might seem to be such as daunting task, the best option is to start small. As time goes by and with new improvements to the process, you will start noticing significant changes in the general inversion rates of your website. Just remember to take advantage of these advice and couple it with your creative thinking. Overtime, pretty sure you will start getting the desired results from your website.


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