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Designing a logo seems to be, to a number of designers, a very easy task to do. They say that as long as it has the company’s name and some shape, symbol or whatever, then it’s okay and good to go. That is not how it should be, in fact, conceptualizing the logo of the company should be top priority.

The logo speaks a lot about the brand it represents. This logo may be for a business, product or professional; it will always create a visual impact once it is done right. It is important to keep in mind that this is the first thing potential buyers, customers or clients are going to see. That is why logos should be recognizable and it should represent the company’s brand. Once people see the logo, they must be able to identify the company or business it represents. The logo is very important in establishing a successful brand because according to several studies, logos play a major role on the successes of famous companies around the world.

There are several things that needs to be considered when creating a logo. Elements like shapes and colors. There are certain guidelines on creating good logos, but there are always exemptions as well. A killer logo primarily should create a visual impact that will make people remember.

Creativity goes a long way

First of all, know the company. Ask the company owner or representative about the them. In order to put a creative touch into the logo, the designer must be well informed about the company. Knowing how it started or what services or product they offer will help  a lot. It is only then that the designer can experiment on how to make the logo attractive and creative. From the information gathered, symbols or representations can be conceptualized and incorporated to the logo design. Remember Toblerone? Take a look at the logo. Only a few would notice the bear hidden behind the logo. Why is there a bear? It is because the city where the Toblerone chocolates are made, Bern Switzerland, is also known as the City of Bears. Creative huh?

Another creative logo, is the logo of Hope for African Children Initiative. At first, it simply looks like a map of Africa,  but if you look closely, it also forms a child and an adult.

This time, try to check the logo of It looks like a simple text with the company’s name. Some fail to notice that it actually has an arrow. The arrow points toward letter z from letter a. Which means they literally have everything from a to z on the site.

Simplicity is the key

Although there are a lot of things to be considered when designing a logo, it is also important to remember that a simple logo can be attractive and effective in getting people’s attention. Not all logos need to be complex to portray a special meaning. Take a look at Apple Inc. and Nike, these are only two examples of the simplest logos, but it creates an impact because its easy to remember and it is also at the same time, creative.

Shapes and Colors

Shapes and colors are elements that should also be considered when creating a logo. Shapes and colors have meaning and it can affect how people will perceive the company. Circles may mean unity, wholeness, mobility, cycle or infinity. Color red may represent passion, drive or desire.

Color combination also plays a very crucial part in designing a logo. Some suggests that two colors are enough and a logo should not exceed three colors. Too much color may not be pleasing to the eyes, that is why it is always advisable to keep colors simple. There are also exceptions to this rule. Three or more colored logos are alright depending on the design and placement of the colors. The NBC logo used more than three colors, but still looks attractive because it catches the eyes as opposed to distracting them.

When using two colors, make sure they look good together. Some colors simply don’t look good together. That is why designers should be very careful in combining colors.  Take a look at Shell’s logo, red and yellow. Red accents the color yellow making it look attractive.

Creating a logo can be very challenging, but as long as it is given enough time for conceptualization, then you are on the right track.

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