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Working on your business is a daily task. You have to monitor your business transactions, products and services to make sure your business is earning and income is constantly coming to you. Often, no matter how hard we try to avoid, we encounter customers who complain. This is one of the things we want to avoid, because it is important to have a good relationship with your customers. They are the reason why your business exists. So take into consideration how important it is to provide them the best.

You would not want to wake up every day dealing with complaints from customers would you? The best way to avoid this is to find customers you love.

Create an Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

In order to target customers you love, you need to set an Ideal Client Profile. This will guide you in choosing the clients or customers you want to have. You must have a clear set of qualities, skills and experience you want from your customer. You might also prefer clients and customers by their profession, location or hobbies, whatever it is that you find ideal for your business. For example, if you are a freelancer, you can set a list of what you want from your clients. Let’s say someone who has a background in using the Adobe Photoshop software. Sometimes clients can be inconsiderate in terms of demanding on getting the work done. More often than not, it is easier to make business transactions with people who have an idea on how things are done. For example a client wanted to have a 10 page brochure designed for his company and he wants it done in an hour, do you think it’s possible? Of course not! If your client know how to use Adobe Photoshop or know how designing works, he would know the considerable time to finish this. Sometimes small factors like this can help you deal with better customers.

Another example would be going for clients who have excellent English communication skills. You would not choose to work with clients who cannot understand English very well because you want to save yourself from the misunderstandings that may occur if you continue to do business with clients who do not speak good English.

If you have worked with clients who match your Ideal Client Profile, then stalk them (sounds creepy but it can help). Do an in-depth research about your previous client. Know the people in his or her circle that might have the same qualities as he or she has.  Better yet (to make it less creepy), ask for referrals from your previous clients. Those clients might know people who have the same needs as they have, so they can recommend you to these people.

Be the Ideal Business

It is a two way relationship between the business and customers. You should not only focus on setting your high standards on your ideal clients. You should also concentrate on what you can do in order to deserve the clients you want. If you want to have clients who are professional when it comes to payment of the products and services you offer; be the business that is professional when it comes to meeting the deadlines you committed or they have set for you. You wouldn’t expect your clients to pay you on time if you haven’t been delivering them the product or services they need.

Treat customers or clients the way you want to be treated. Put yourself in your client or customer’s shoes. If they have complains, put yourself into that situation. Listen and understand their needs. Sometimes the blame is on you when things don’t work out, not on the client or customer. So be open to accept your mistakes and acknowledge them. Only then you will grow as a business. If you please your clients all the time, without you knowing, they might testify how wonderful your services or products are and recommend you to their friends and family. People trust businesses that have testimonials, especially from people they know. Always remember, you are going to attract good customers if your business is good enough. So concentrate on providing good services and products to attract the customers you love.



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