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The endless tips and tricks for improving your website all boil down to one vital goal: to make your website visitors convert and become your customers. The crucial portal through which that happens is your contact form. Whether you’re using your contact form to build your email list or to arrange sales meetings, it is the tool your visitors can use to tell you they’re interested.

That is why among the parts of your website, the contact form is one that needs special fine-tuning. It should be compelling but not pushy, inclusive but not suspicious. Many website owners miss those criteria. To make your contact form work best, here are four top tips to take into account:

Make It Easily Accessible

First of all, your website visitors should be able to easily find your contact form. The fewer clicks it takes to get them there, the better. Some websites even place a very simple contact form right on their homepage.

If your contact form is part of an existing page like your Home, consider its place in the layout. The best visibility is at the top of the ‘fold’, meaning, it’s visible as soon as the page loads and visitors don’t have to scroll down to find it.

On the other hand, if your contact form is on a page of its own, make sure the page is accessible using your main menu. Don’t make your visitors dig through submenus or in-text links.

Also part of accessibility is how quickly and smoothly the page loads. If it doesn’t load well on the first click, visitors are more likely to get turned off.

Keep It Clear and Simple

What do you want visitors to contact you for? That question should be a guide in creating the message in your contact form. Decide what you want your visitors to provide you and what they’ll get in return, and then state that straightforwardly for them. For example, do you really need to get their telephone numbers or just their email addresses? When they submit the form, do they automatically get your newsletter or are you simply asking to get in touch?

Equally as important, be clear-cut in your calls to action. Use solid action words such as “Sign up”, “Get a quote”, and “Grab your free e-book”. Be brief and concise, as small blocks of text are more attention-grabbing and easier to read than long ones.

Ensure It Is User-Friendly

Remember that people have shorter attention spans online, so one tiny glitch in your contact form can make visitors lose interest. Make your contact form easy on the eye: check the layout of boxes, the colors used, and the size of the text. More importantly, make sure it’s easy to fill out. The questions should be organized so that they make sense – for example, if you’re asking for both home and work addresses, ask for these separately.

Your website’s responsiveness is also critical. If the visitor has to use dropdown menus or checkboxes, confirm that they work. If he/she has to go back to a certain query, make it clear which field needs reviewing. And, once the visitor has successfully accomplished the form, affirm it right away with a quick confirmation message.

Be Warm And Genuine

This is one tip that should be applied to almost all your communication channels. Nowadays, people can easily sense it when you’re merely trying to sell them something, so steer clear of sales talk and unnecessary banter as much as possible. But don’t be too impersonal about it – a contact form that’s too formal and rigid might just intimidate potential customers.

It’s all about balance, and the best way to achieve that is simply to be honest. Let your visitors know what to expect when they submit the form. Tell it in a way you would tell a casual friend – sincere and in good spirit.

Finally, don’t forget to thank your visitor for filling out the form.

Your contact form, being your visitors’ portal towards becoming your customers, is exactly that: a door to business. You would want your visitors to feel easy about opening this door. Chances are, you’ve already gained their interest, and now you can gain their long-term trust with your contact form.

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