Including Affiliate Marketing In Your Monetization Strategy


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Website monetization has become very important for any website owner who wants to drive maximum traffic for the site. Monetizing a website means conversion of the existing traffic into revenue for a specific site. Pay per Click advertising and Cost per impression are two important ways of implementing the monetization process. Monetization strategy has brought about a revolution in the internet business and the way people perceive any website.

You can also use the website to earn some extra few cash. Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to do that. This strategy is particularly used for monetizing the website. This is an effectual and risk-free method for marketing your website services. It rewards business affiliates to each visitor who is brought about to the website by the marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing forms an essential part of website monetization. It involves setting up of the prospective links with affiliate partners. Certain commission amount is paid to them for generation of leads as well as sales for business. Advert posting or setting up of banners on affiliate partner websites is one common method of affiliate marketing. Using these adverts, the customers can directly go to the desired product webpage through your website. Whether it is small or big corporation, affiliate programming is used in every website.

Some affiliate programs pay you the commission even if the customer doesn’t buy your advertised product on the link directed website but buys some other product instead. As soon as the visitor clicks on your advertised link, a cookie is generated and saved on the computer. This cookie implies that you will earn the commission on the next purchase made by the visitor for next 30 days period.

Affiliate marketing has several benefits:

  • It provides a wide market platform for your business to trade you product for better price.
  • The more you choose the websites to advertise your product on, the more you generate the sales. With this, you are not required searching for the right site, just choose an appropriate website for advertising and get the sales straightaway.
  • Banner adverts on the affiliate sites might generate interest towards the product being advertised.
  • Affiliate marketing is measurable and drives the traffic to the affiliated or linked website.
  • It gives better idea of the targeted customer trends
  • Also keeps the product offerings up-to-date and notifies you as well

It is the non-intrusive way of converting the prospects and generating the repeated customers. These are the same customers who recommend other customers for the affiliated site.

Till some extent, affiliate marketing overlaps with the internet marketing strategies as affiliates are known to use the advertising methods. It is not discussed as much as the other web strategies but holds the same importance as all. They play a crucial role in e-retailer’s marketing techniques. Sometimes, it is also termed as performance marketing based on the method in which the employees are compensated. Affiliates are not practically employed by the advertiser whose products or services have to be promoted but rather the compensation models.

Affiliates are often termed as the extended sales force for the business. They are commonly offered by the favourable merchants who deal in extending the value of the products. With affiliate marketing you can get the following:

  • Weekly payments
  • Low pay threshold
  • Real-time and centralized reporting
  • Live support

There are five areas where affiliate managers can really help your business:

  1. Inventive affiliate tools: Some of the affiliate tools used by the managers to monetize the website include sticky videos with embedded links, monetized news feeds, online/offline links and pre-written tweets or texts.
  2. Customized deep links: Deep linking is also one of the ways used for potential Monetizing. The links are modified to match the blogger’s requirements. This includes advertising links.
  3. Incentives: incentives for embedded links
  4. Collateral materials: Here more information is provided for the product or service. Newsletters and Fact sheets are some of the forms.
  5. Premium plug-ins: They are important for both the blogger as well as the affiliate.

Using these constructive affiliate tools, one can monetize the website to great extent. This will not only provide a big market to your website but also generates optimum revenue.

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