Is StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Worth Your Marketing Dollar?


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There can be no doubt that the internet is one of the most effective advertising tools. The internet has the capability to reach out to target market and reach the goal of luring more traffic to one’s website or links. The internet is accessible and operates quickly. When a business owner is looking to introduce a product to the market fast, internet is the best advertising tool. Internet advertising is an essential marketing strategy because the business owner can quickly see and launch the final product of his advertisement campaign. Compared to other advertising medium like print media or television, the final product of the advertisement takes too long to launch.

Another advantage of internet advertising is that the business owner is given a free hand in the design and artistry of the final advertisement campaign. Compared to print media, the advertisement design are often limited and lasts for longer period of time. With the internet, the business owner can change the design almost as soon as the purchasing public gains new interest.

Limiting the Internet Tool

The internet is like a beehive, there are too many bees working in it. Advertising through the internet can undoubtedly be effective; however, choosing the right medium is not an easy one. Internet advertising can be in many forms. It can be through websites, blogs, videos, social media sites just to name a few. The business owners should meticulously and strategically choose which medium to use in order to reach his target market and utilize his resources effectively. Right now, there are so  many platform to choose from. Some of them are even scams. So it is very crucial to choose the right tool for you.

Search Engine Mechanism

The more popular internet medium when it comes to advertising is through search engine tools. Multi-national tech companies like Google, Firefox, or Safari are offering advertising services wherein they get paid to link a particular word to the businessman’s website, blog or links. In illustration, if a person wants to look for a budget hotel in California and enters the word California budget hotel, a particular company will be on the search engine’s top list. Through this marketing scheme, the business owner can be assured that their website, blog or links will be accessed by their target market.

However, the popular search engines like Google, Firefox or Safari offers costly advertisement packages which can cause a dent to the businessman’s budget. Nonetheless, more and more small tech companies are launching different search engine optimization services that are budget friendly and as effective as its more popular counterparts.

StumbleUpon is Just as Effective

StumbleUpon is an internet search engine which allows the user to find different web contents that has personalised photos and videos. It is a virtual community serving as a melting pot for different individuals in publishing everything and anything about themselves. This is why it is a great portal for business owners to use StumbleUpon as a platform for their product launch.

Although it is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, such fact actually works at the advantage of the business owner. Since it is not as popular, expect that it entails less cost.

Beneficial Features of StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a virtual community. Thus, it is good for the business owner to avail its advertising services. StumbleUpon’s advertising system is what they call Paid Discovery. Paid Discovery embeds the advertiser’s URL for videos, social media sites, websites, etc. into the stream. This way, the viewer can be directly and oftentimes be indirectly linked to the advertiser’s website or page. Because of this direct access features, rarely does Paid Discovery offer pop-ups or banners. Because of Paid Discovery’s direct access features, the advertiser can be assured that the viewer can instantly see and experience his product.

Is StumbleUpon Worth the Marketing Dollar?

Valuing a marketing strategy depends entirely on the effectiveness of the advertising tool to make the product known in the market. With the propensity of people to interact through social media sites, StumbleUpon can very well be an effective medium for advertising. What’s best about StumbleUpon is that the advertiser can see the viewers rating which can help the advertiser in assessing the effectiveness of his advertising scheme. StumbleUpon can definitely make the advertiser’s dollar work.

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