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Autoresponders mean what they say. They respond automatically to emails from customers or potential customers contacting your website. The strength of the autoresponder is that it allows the website owner to contact or reply to queries without even being there. The owner (or whoever is in charge) can just set it up and then let it go on its own. It is effective in that it can be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

An autoresponder sends out automatically (set) generated emails that have sent an email to the website or even to those just visiting the website. They are important in following up potential customers that have visited the site that may have interest in services or products that were presented. Just about everyone has subscribed (willingly or otherwise) to an autoresponder service at some point in their internet lives.

It is important to have a well written autoresponder.Autoresponses can be very annoying, especially if it is unsolicited. Remember that it is good to be persuasive and at the same time be polite and not rude; there is a very fine line between those two factors.


Certain websites need to have autoresponders. This is especially evident if it is a marketing website that has a few hundred hits a day or a support website which offer online support for products or services. If the website has so many visitors and you are not collecting any information from the visitors than it is essentially useless website traffic. A good autoresponder can be the key to converting a visitor into a client.

Here are some advantages to having an autoresponder in a website. It keeps the website (the product or the service as well) in mind of the visitor. Autoresponders can be triggered by website visits and you can keep connected with that visitor. It can be done more than one as well. Another advantage is that it is a convenient way to create contact lists which ultimately leads to the client base. It is an overall good tool for gather visitor and client information as it can be left on its own which leads us to the next advantage. Autoresponders provide convenience. They are generally easy to setup and when done properly, will do the desired tasks automatically, worry-free. A not-so-obvious advantage of autoresponders is that it cuts cost on advertising. In relation to the first mentioned advantage, autoresponders keep the site in the visitor’s mind thus reducing the need to venture into widespread advertising. Lastly, autoresponders can give out information on the website (product and service) almost immediately. If set up properly, it can refresh the visitor’s memory of the website’s services or products.

Successful Autoresponses

As mentioned earlier, there needs to be a balance in persuasiveness without it being too rude on the potential client. This can never be stressed enough: a good autoresponse can mean the difference between a visitor and a potential client. Autoresponders are at the core of online marketing providing quick and adequate (if setup correctly) responses to site visitors every day; worry-free. Autoresponses that are good can equate to a number of loyal followers that can be marketed again and again. These are some important things to remember in making successful autoresponders.

Always remember to put subscription forms in autoresponses. This ensures that you are getting important contact information of a visitor who has left the site without doing the desired action. You can offer privileges to subscribers. This allows gives them an extra push to subscribing to your website. A simple free download or discount coupon would suffice. Never forget to backup the contact lists. You wouldn’t want losing prospective clients. Personalizing responses like adding their names or email addresses helps reach out to the receiver. Even if it is generated electronically, by putting words that have personal tags on them, the potential client would feel like they are responding to an actual person and not a machine. Some people are more comfortable if it’s like that. In relation to just getting important information, it may also be useful to collect even more detailed information; this allows to fine-target the client’s needs or personal quirks that can be used to market the website’s product or service.

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