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We all know how important it is to make fresh content for your website readers and visitors. When you first started writing for your website, there were a lot to write about and new ideas just kept storming into your head! Very exciting. But after hundreds of posts talking about the same topic, coming up with fresh content can be difficult. Most websites focus on just one interest or topic, and sometimes, you just run out of ideas on how to make it interesting and fresh. Writing on a regular basis is hard and challenging enough. Not to mention the frustration when you are suffering from every writer’s worse enemy: writer’s block. To keep producing interesting posts, here are some simple ways on creating fresh content for your website:

Revisit The Past

First advice is to revisit your past posts. Go back and read posts from one or two years ago, and spice it up. Sometimes, when you read posts from the past, it gives you a different, and sometimes newer point of view. A lot of things happened or developed since you wrote that post, you can add details about what has been happening since that post or how you changed your opinion about that certain topic. You can also look for the most viewed post you have and make a follow-up post about it. Since it is viewed a lot, clearly it interests your readers and they will definitely find your follow-up post interesting too.

Make It Interesting

How do you make things interesting? Simply adding videos and/or pictures can make your post interesting. Asking your readers what they think about an issue or topic can also make your post interesting. Make a poll or anything that will make it interactive. Invite guest bloggers, entering into the mind of others will give your website a fresh new perspective. Invite guest bloggers to write about topics you both like or disagree on. Opinionated posts can tickle the minds of your readers.

Be Up To Date At All Times

When your updated, you give your readers fresh information. So always keep track of the news and write about it. Have a passion for news. If you are hungry for news and updates yourself, then that would be perfect to continuously provide fresh content on your website.  When your website is regularly updated, readers are more likely to go back to your website and check it out, or better yet recommend and promote your website to others through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Peer Review

No matter how experienced you are in writing, getting someone to review your posts before you publish it would be a great idea! Why? Because he or she can contribute or add something to spice it up. This will give you  a great chance to keep your posts interesting.

Your Readers as a Source

Your content is most likely a small slice of the pie that readers are enjoying. They too have bright ideas and can be a great source of information. How do you get ideas from your readers? Enable comments on your posts, this way, you can hear out your readers’ comments. From the comments, new ideas might come up. They might even ask or request for you to write about something they find interesting or they think you might find worth writing about. Also, don’t forget to be accessible, post your email address for everyone to see.

Create an Online Community

Be open for possibilities. Go to online forums and try to interact with other writers who share the same interest. Chat with them and create your own online community. Usually, online communities establish regular meetings. This way, you can stay updated and get new ideas from people in the same field of interest as you. For example, let’s say your field of interest is photography. Visit photography forums and interact with other photographers. Exchanging experiences and opinions can lead to fresh new ideas.

Write from the Heart

Such a cliche, but it works. Once you write about the things you are passionate about, readers will feel it. Keep in mind that your avid visitors are interested to know about what you think and know. So write about what interests your heart. If you think you ran out ideas, ask yourself what do you want to learn and write about it. No one is experienced enough to stop learning, there is always something new to learn.

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