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Internet Business Basics


In order for any business owner to build a successful online presence, they must first strive to become web savvy.  This will save them a huge amount of time and money avoiding costly mistakes and enabling them to handle a large percentage of the web related tasks when it comes to their business.  Web savvy people are always updated on the new innovations in the internet world. They know what tools to use to make things more efficient.

People ask, how does one know a web savvy person? Let’s make this clear, just because you know how to use Facebook or check your email or post tweets, that doesn’t mean you are a web savvy person. There is more to it than just knowing some social networking sites and email sites. Aside from knowing the social networking sites, you must also know about the applications and tools available online. You must be updated with the tech trends. Also note that being a web savvy doesn’t mean you have to know about writing codes or creating a website, you just have to know the essentials.

Not everyone is willing to get to know the internet. Some are afraid to explore its wonders. This doesn’t just apply to the oldies, but even some of those who belong to the young generation are unwilling to explore. They would not know what they have been missing out unless they try to explore the web. It’s actually not that hard to be a web savvy; just be willing to learn.

Create a Habit

How do you turn someone to become web savvy? First, he or she needs to create a habit. Being internet savvy is about being comfortable when using the internet. When you need to do something, you would know what to do. Simply by researching on your interests is a good way to start. Being exposed to using the internet regularly will pave your way to becoming web savvy. You see, when you search for your interest online, what do you use? Google, Yahoo or Bing, right? Well, these are search engines. As you continue to use it, you will eventually learn how to use keywords in order to get the best out of these search engines. As you create the habit of using the internet, you will discover more things from it.

Be Active Online

When you create a habit, you get to learn more and more every day. When you are actively using the internet, you will discover new things like online forums. When you are constantly researching about your interests, you will discover how helpful these forums are. You get updated about your interest and interact to people you share the same interest with. You can share your opinions and thoughts about your interests. Create a blog. Update it from time to time. Create quality content to make people read your blog. Once you post regular updates, more and more people will start to read your blog and will notice your online presence.

Know The Tools That Would Work For You

We all have different needs when it comes to using the internet. Identify what you want from the internet and look for tools and applications that can help you. Let’s say you want to be updated on the news, but you’re not interested in politics, all you want to know about are updates on sports, let’s say boxing. There are applications available online that will sort news for you and deliver you news you want to know. There are also applications that will help you with your work or your needs. For example, let’s say you have three different computers, one from your office, home and one you carry along with you. It would be a hassle for you to move files from one computer to another just to keep it synchronized. Web savvy people would know that there are applications for this type of dilemma. Look for things that will help you in your day to day activities. Look for useful tools, anyway, you don’t have to know how it works, you just have to know how to make it work, right?


Thirst for updates. The internet is always changing, so you have to be ahead all of the time. Remember that being web savvy means being comfortable with the internet and being able to make the best of what the internet has to offer. You don’t become web savvy overnight, you need to be constantly updated with the tech trends in order to be a certified web savvy.

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