The Five Best Ways to Increase your Website Conversions


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Even the simplest website requires a few hours of tweaking complicated codes. Imagine how long a beautiful website would take to make. It would be foolish to spend your precious time beautifying your website when you won’t even get anything in return. If you are not making a profit out of your website, there’s really no use in making it presentable. There are many ways to convert your website visitors into cold, hard cash, and you should take advantage of these.

In order to have successful conversions, you need to set an intended action for your visitors to take. Do you want your visitors to buy certain products? Do you want them to sign up for newsletters? Do you want them to become your fan on Facebook? Determining the action that you want your visitors to take will help you create strategies that will lead to those actions.

Once that’s dealt with, you can try different ways to increase these conversions. Here are the five best ways to help increase your website’s conversion rate:


1.  Setting a Target Market

Though it may seem nice to see large amounts of traffic on your website, it may not do you that much good. In fact, working hard to increasing traffic on your website is not advisable. Your hard work won’t pay off.

Setting your target market or audience is highly important. Your target market is your source of income. Even if your website attracts large amounts of traffic, if it’s not traffic from your target market, you won’t earn a single thing. This is why you should set your target market and concentrate on attracting them to your website instead of wasting your precious time on increasing traffic in general.


2.  Add Videos

Videos add appeal to your website. They capture your audience’s attention as soon as it’s played. Therefore, they should be used in the most effective way possible. You need to use your videos to convey important messages—these messages should encourage the intended action mentioned earlier. Videos on websites also need to be brief but meaningful as long videos tend to bore your audience before they get the message.

You can use videos on your website for many different purposes. Use your videos to:

  • Promote or showcase your various products and services. Include important details that your audience needs to know. To capture your audience even more, show the different benefits one can gain from availing of your products and services.
  • Give your audience a visual tour of your website. This is where you can give a sort of introduction to your website and show them where they can find certain content.
  • Inform your audience of sales, specials and promos.
  • Educate your visitors about certain things in the industry.
  • Simply welcome your visitors to your website and send a personal message. You can do this yourself or you can get testimonials from other people.


3.  Install a Live Chat Feature

Providing your visitors with a live chat feature allows them to ask questions and get their answers straight away. They do not have to navigate away from your website to have their questions answered.

A live chat feature is effective because it saves your audience’s precious time—speed is important to internet users. It eliminates the hassle of searching the website for information they need and the even bigger hassle of filling out a form to contact a website representative.


4.  Add Pictures of People

The presence of images of people in a website gives your visitors a sense of trust and sincerity. Of course, these shouldn’t just be pictures of random people. They should be an important part of the website. Either they are the people behind the website or customers or clients giving testimonials.

You should also make sure that the people you put on your website are appealing or get a strong, positive response from your target market.


5.  Avail of Usability Testing Services

Usability testing services allows you to get inside the heads of your visitors. Complete strangers will provide you with information that can help you increase your website conversions.

Though it is good to trust your own instincts regarding your website, it will also prove beneficial to get opinions from other people. This can be achieved through usability testing. You can search the internet for companies offering these services.

In a usability test, you chose a certain demographic and the companies will use that to choose participants. They are to answer the questions or follow the instructions that you provide them. To get the most out of the usability test, ask questions that are related to searching for or buying something on your website. Ask questions that have to do with the intended action you want for your website.


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