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Twitter recently launched an advertising Application Programming Interface or API, which allows third party developers and companies to utilize and run ad campaigns through the company’s API partners. This gives them more control of and ability to develop more in-depth and detailed advertising campaigns. Twitter has over two hundred million active users to date.

Marketers have come to reach out to Twitter in order for them to get audiences that are so engaged on the web, on mobile devices and tablets. With more than four mil­lion tweets each day, Twit­ter offers adver­tis­ers to widely reach and connect to as much people as possible. Now advertisers can ben­e­fit more from Twitter’s reach by targeting Promoted Tweets and Accounts.

Advertisers: Targeted Audience

Previously, advertisers can purchase promoted tweets, but were restricted to running individual ads through Twitter itself.  A promoted Tweet is not exempted to the 140 character limit. One needs to look for sites that convert long links to short ones and use the hash tag if necessary and make their description straight to the point. For advertisers, this is not a very good way of spending money since they are very restricted when it comes to promoting their companies and business.

But now, advertisers are able to instantly connect with Twitter’s ad platform to manage Promoted Tweet and Account. Advertisers can work with Twitter’s set of Advertisement API partners to manage Twitter Ad campaigns and incorporate them into their advertising schemes. More importantly, users will continue to view the most significant Promoted Tweets from advertisers. With the Twitter Ads API, marketers can now have additional tools to help them provide the exact message, to the precised audience, on the web and mobile devices.

Twitter depends on API partners’ capacity to allow advertisers to create more targeted advertisement campaigns. The API also boosts the advertisers’ targeting capabilities. Twitter leaped a major milestone last year by adding more interest focused targeting platform. Advertisers can also make use of the real-time data or the tweets that are recorded as it happens because it will appear through the partners’ dashboards for them to alter their budgets based on their preference.

Twitter Users: Subtle Advertisement

Twitter has grown; setting their focus on delivering better ads for users instead of adding more ads. Regardless of the worries of many users, advertising on Twitter will not lead to people leaving the site. Eventually, users will get used to the appearance of ads in their stream. Aside from that, twitter will advise users to adjust their ad preferences. This means that they have the capability to turn the system to something helpful and beneficial for them. Adjusting their ad preference means that the ads that will appear are more relevant to what they want.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one of Twitter’s API partner, has a strong listening and engagement solution. They listen to what people are saying, engage them and take some of their tweets and promote them. This will help twitter deliver better ways to delivering ads to their users.

Twitter: open for improvement

Despite the new innovation, some problems need to be addressed. As one the major social networks, the level of fake accounts and inactive users is much higher than on Facebook or Linkedin. Twitter’s main goal with the advertising API is to offer better solutions for advertisers, and more relevant ads for users. If the system is open to users who don’t use Twitter, no good can result from it. If the brand is serious about pursuing quality over profit, they should set various restrictions based on user activity in order to use the advertising platform.

The API may well further cement Twitter’s rank as the second-screen ad platform of preference. Right now if advertisers want make good use of a trending topics on Twitter, they will have to check on Trends just like every other Twitter user to view what is currently trending. Then add that keyword or hash tag to the Promoted Tweet campaigns. However, it is said that it is preferable that API partners may as well add a feed next to the ad creation workflows, to consequently show the real-time trending topics that can instantly be attached to the ads. Alternatively, an advertiser can specify some popular keywords to track ads against if they will ever start trending. These trend targeting promotions would only be shown on the Twitter search results.


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