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Blogging has become a staple part of the online community. The more common blogs are purely for recreational purposes; expressing ones feelings or opinions. The trend has become popular with the advent of blog hosting websites such as Livejournal or Blogspot which offers bloggers a free place to advertise their blogs for anyone to see. It has maintained an air of popularity because some blogsites offer quick reviews of events, devices or online happenings much faster than official websites can come up with.

Blogging has also become a means of income generation based on either number of visitors on the blog website (or blogsite). The content for each blogsite might differ but for this business scheme, the number of viewers (and more importantly, loyal followers) is the most significant aspect. Blog hits will only be depending on how many visitors will get entertained or interested in the content. Putting out new and related content can be a lot of hard work and sometimes still not bring in enough blog hits to be counted as significant; whether the purpose of the visitation is for the hit count or possible conversions, the important thing is how many people will click on the link to your website at the results page. Blogsite owners would sometimes resolve to spend money on either promos or having other professionals to find ways to make the site more appealing to users.

The lack of blog promotion is a serious matter here and sometimes funds might be a little short to help curb this issue. Registering the website to search engines like Google and Yahoo will always help as well as proper website structure and content will aid in bringing in more hits for the blogsite. There is a way to further increase blogsite hits and that’s with the use of a Blog Carnival.


Blog carnivals are articles that have links to other articles with the same specific topic. Usual blog carnivals are maintained by frequent contributors to the subject and can use the carnival article to highlight new content of the subject or topic and may link to their own articles or highlight newer bloggers who write about the same topic. The blog carnical is a very effective tool in driving traffic to your blogsite and it has the added bonus of filtering out only those who are actually interested in the content of the blogsite itself. If the content is good enough, then the link to the blogsite could be pushed up the list. This is a very simple but highly effective way of getting word out of your blogsite. Getting into a blog carnival is pretty easy as well; simply search for the word “blog carnival” in any search engine and it can link you to carnivals of your choice. Follow instructions in the site hosting the blog carnival and everything is set!

Blog carnivals come with a wide variety of topics to choose from. Some of the more common topics include: health and wellness, travelling, money making strategies, self-improvement, finance guides, social media marketing, and much more. Blog carnivals basically cater to every conceivable topic imaginable and are usually free which is a great way of getting traffic without spending a single penny. Other benefits of blog carnivals include creating more inbound links to the blogsite. Keyword searches are applicable even in blog carnival sites.

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 The main power of the blog carnival is in its ability draw traffic into specific websites. Keep in mind that a blog carnival is one big promotional event where content is usually heavily filtered. The one setting up the blog carnival or the organizer is the one that filters out the content and puts out the criteria at which the submitted blogs must adhere to. As mentioned earlier, the blog carnival usually focuses on one topic and it’s the job of the organizer to filter out submissions of the participants of the said carnival. Content is still number one criteria after all, so blogs must be well written in order to participate but this is still an easier course of action rather than having to pay specialists to “improve” traffic in the blogsite.

Once the blogs are carefully reviewed, the organizer will then publish these blog posts at his/her/their discretion. The magic happens when the carnival officially begins. Blog carnivals usually attract many visitors and the additional linking within the carnival site and the other blogsites drastically increase the number of people that will see you blogsite.

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