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Blogging is a fun. You get to write about topics you are very interested in, share your knowledge and experience with a lot of people and at the same time earn money. People blog for various reasons. For sure, earning through blogging has crossed the minds of most, if not all bloggers. There are several ways on how to earn through your blog, and participating in blogging contest is one. In the world of blogging, there are contests organized for all interested bloggers almost everyday. These contests are hosted and organized by individual bloggers or a community of bloggers who are active in blogging.

When we say “contest,” of course it means there are winners and losers. When you participate in blogging contests, you are competing with hundreds of other bloggers around the world. Most of these bloggers have a lot of experience and knowledge about blogging, which is quite intimidating especially to newbies. So why should you consider joining blog contests?

Network With Others

When you join blog contests, you compete with other bloggers and get to interact with them. Thus, you create a network of bloggers around the world from different interests and niche. As bloggers, we know what an advantage it is to have a big network of bloggers. This is also your chance to prove yourself. When you get to interact with other bloggers, give it your best. When you are able to prove how knowledgeable you are at your field, the bigger chance for you to get invited to guest blog for their websites. Having the connections and contacts may come handy if you want to invite guest bloggers for your site and create more traffic.

Learn New Things

Although there is no guarantee that you will win the blogging contest, you surely won’t regret joining one! It is a win-win situation for the organizer and the blogger. For blog contest organizer, he gets to set the rules of the contest like requiring the participants to subscribe to his RSS feed, post articles with backlinks to his blog, and join or like his Facebook page. These are very helpful to create more traffic to his blog. For the participants of the contest, you get the chance to win the money at stake. But even though you are not the declared winner, you still get to be the winner because of the things you will learn.  You may have spent hours to create your entry, it will still be worth it. Participating in blog contests allow you to learn from other bloggers. You get to read their entries and see how they write. People have different writing styles. That is why through blog contests, you get to be exposed to the different writing styles. You also get to leave a feedback to the entries, be it bad or good. Since this is online, you don’t get to see the people who participated. Because of this, feedback are straight to the point, clear and unbiased. If participants love your post, they will say it, if they don’t they get to say it too without any hesitation.

Win Prizes

One of the main reasons why bloggers join blog contests is because the prize/s. Depending on the sponsors, there are some serious cash and prizes involved once you join blogging contests. Some blogs give away products, gadgets or any items related to their blogs. Some also give away services and gift checks. There are also instances when they give away electronic prizes (one year subscription to themes, premium membership to a CMS or Content Management System etc.) that are attractive enough to make bloggers want to join. You just have to pick the right contests to join, contests that are attractive enough to motivate you in writing your piece.

Create More Traffic

As a participant, you can create more traffic to your blog by posting quality back links. When you comment or interact with other participants, you can promote your blog by posting links to your blog. When you get to talk about a specific topic with other bloggers and coincidentally have a blog post about the topic, then you can ask them to visit that post by posting the link to that page. You don’t just create back links, you are creating quality back links that will help your blog step higher on the rankings.

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