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Instagram is a fun way of sharing photos. It has attracted people with its creativity. Users get to take photos and filter them based on what they desire. They get to share them to their followers and followers can like and comment on the photos.

It was launched in 2010 and in three years time, it has reached 100 million registered users with 90 million of them actively using it. It has definitely attracted the people to get engaged in this photo sharing social media platform. Given this number of active registered users, promoting your business using this social media is a good idea! As of now, advertising does not exist on instagram, but it is possible since it was created to be a business.

Now, how to you take advantage of this social media? It is free for use, and you can post as much photos as you want. Although it is limited to visual promotion, it can still create great impact on your business.

Visual Impact

For businesses, using instagram can be very useful especially if you are selling products. Just take a photo of your product and share it on instagram. There were comments that only businesses with products can be promoted on instagram since it uses photos. This is not true. Even if you are a service provider, you can still share meaningful photos. Instagram challenges you to be creative. If you are a service provider, how do you promote your business? Take photos of your employees working. Take photos of your working environment. Introduce your company or business by sharing photos on what is happening within the four wall of your office, this also applies even to business with products. This way, people will know you. You can also post photos of company celebration and parties. People will get an idea who the people are behind the business. It can create a certain connection to your followers and potential clients. If you get plaques or awards, you can also post this on instagram. If your company or business has a social responsibility or community involvement, then you can also take photos of these events. Photos does speak a thousand words, so take creative and beautiful photos to promote your business.

It is also a great idea to take photos of your happy and satisfied customers. People will easily trust your business or company when they see evidence that you provide great services or products to customers.

Hash Tags

Hash tags are created for a reason, and that is to categorize your photos. By using hash tags, people can easily find brands and products that match their interests. Make sure to pick hash tags that can easily identify your brand or product. Let’s say your business is a coffee shop. You can take creative photos of your coffee with hash tags like — #coffeelovin #coffee #espresso #cappuccino #morningcoffee. These are common coffee hash tags on twitter and instagram. These are what most likely what people will search for  on instagram. Then, of course, don’t forget to hashtag the name of your coffee shop to promote your business.

Hash tags are also great for promoting events or contests. When you want to promote your business or company event, take photos of your promotional materials and hash tag the event. Make sure you share this to as many people as possible to promote it. Hash tagging it will allow people to see your event based on their interest. Let us say you are promoting a Fun Run for a cause. Hash tag words that people most likely will use.

Using Photo Map

You can also use Photo Map to promote your business. It is a new way for users to browse on photos they are interested in, plus users get to locate your business or company. Photo Mapping can attract users within your location, which means that people will more likely locate your business or company if they choose to visit.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a good way to promote your business and company. Once you get to know how to use the applications and features, you will most certainly get the hang of it and instagramming for your business won’t be that complicated. So if you have no intagram for your business or company yet, start creating your own profile now and instagram your business to success!

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