What are the Best Video Sharing Websites?


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Watching video content is one of the world’s favorite online pastimes nowadays.  Before deciding which of the many websites that offer viewing and sharing of video, you may want to check out this list of the top eleven:


1. YouTube

The undisputed heavyweight champion of video uploading and sharing, YouTube leads the field in every respect and most importantly is totally free to use. The original 10 minute limit on individual video length has recently been expanded to 15 minutes; longer videos may be uploaded but are subject to review before being available for viewing.

2. Metacafe

The people behind Metacafe describe it as ‘the video entertainment engine’. Metacafe offers games & sports action along with frequent uploads of news, films, TV programs and personal videos. Viewer controls include the ‘Family Filter’ and log-in is available directly at the site or via social media.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the safest and most secure video sharing sites on the internet, with an extensive level of privacy control and an easy to use category menu. Vimeo’s channel system is used to showcase contributions from the user community, and HD videos can now be uploaded as well.

4. Dailymotion

Free and simple to use, the very popular Dailymotion imposes a 2GB cap on file size. However, no restriction applies to HD uploads. There is no registration or log-in required.

5. Yahoo Screen

Yahoo Screen provides users with an ideal environment in which they can browse through a rich variety of videos catering to all interests including Lifestyle, Sports, Finance, Movies, Comedy and many others. Almost an interactive video magazine, Yahoo Screen makes watching and sharing AV content fun.

6. Hulu
With an emphasis on entertainment, Hulu provides its users with a variety of categories as well targeted recommendations. Hulu even offers contests to its subscribers. Sadly, it’s currently only available in the USA.

7. Break

Break specializes in funny videos provided by its user community, as well as funny images. Other channels include games and contests.

8. Ustream

Uniquely amongst video sharing platforms, Ustream also offers its users the chance to watch radio broadcasters in action. Along with its user friendly layout and simple interface, Ustream provides up-to-the minute data on content popularity and user statistics.

9. Blip

The somewhat lesser known Blip provides video watching with a difference; users can easily set and change preferences, and the site offers hosting for projects for causes.

10. Veoh

With its easy to use interface, its acceptance of hundreds of different formats and its unrestricted file size policy, Veoh is becoming the site of choice for users who want to embed downloaded videos in their own site.

11. Viddler

This site has recently adopted a policy of paid subscriptions only. For $100 per month, users are allowed 100GB of upload in the same period, and 200GB for a $200 monthly subscription.

In addition to these dedicated video sharing sites, many social media platforms such as Facebook are increasing their user’s ability to upload and share video files as well.


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