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Who knew cave paintings could go all the way to the 21st century. The use of pictures as representations of physical objects has been around predating man’s ability to write. To put it simply, most humans tend to understand things better if they see them, and using pictures or diagrams are an effective way of doing so. As art and media gradually honed over the years, infographics is now a widely used tool on the internet. Big websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram take advantage of infographics to provide information to their large userbase.

Infographics are commonly used in powerpoint presentations in the form of graphs and diagrams but the more common notion of an infographic is a collage-like format. Infographics are a fun way of putting together tidbits of information regarding a website, a cause, a company, or even a person in one image file. Infographics can be crafted hand-made with classic art tools or digitally with image editing tools like Photoshop or to a lesser degree, MS Paint. The important thing to remember when making an infographic is putting all the important bits of information about the group or company.]

Making Your First Infographic

Aside from the myriads of infographic tools you can find on the web, making an infographic is pretty straightforward. It may take time and a lot of effort (and money even), but when done correctly, it’s sure to bring around visitors to your website. The common theme of a usual infographic is boldness; boldness in the sense of the text and the outlines of the objects inside the image. These have to be bold in order to clearly define and separate each snippet of information from another. As mentioned earlier, infographics, as its name suggest, involves graphics or images. Arrangement of images is in the discretion of the owner depending on how striking it must present itself to the audience.

Infographics have taken the internet by storm and for good reason; it’s a compact and visually attractive way of presenting information. When making the infographic, it is important to still follow the logical flow of ideas (i.e. left to right and top to bottom) just like sentences and paragraphs. Making one is like writing a short essay but in bullet-form and with lots of images. Visual content makes all the difference in infographics. Making a very simple one is very easy especially if you have basic knowledge of software like Powerpoint or Photoshop. Truly splendid infographics are made by professionals and it’s up to you whether or not the company is in need of a really eye-catching one.

Reasons For Using Infographics

There are many reasons why infographics have taken the internet by storm. Basically, humans are attracted to things that are beautiful or visually attractive hence, a well-made infographic will surely grab and keep the attention of people. What’s more, if they are really impressed, it could hold them long enough to keep coming back to the site to look at more infographics. Related to this, things are remembered more when they are seen. A beautifully made infographic is more easily remembered than a written one. For the social media aspect, there are more images liked on Facebook than text. Studies also show that there is an average of 12% increase in site traffic after a release of an infographic. With proper promotion and good visuals, infographics can drastically attract visitors.

Infographics are good ways to get backlinks. With the above given reasons, it’s no wonder that people will tend to go follow the links back to your backlinks. This has been proven by many bloggers that there is a significant increase in pingbacks after using a well made backlink. This happens simply because the internet is already a place where people look for interesting things and if your infographics is interesting enough then people will most likely follow it back and you’ll get a steady follower base.

 Infographics are compact. This entire article could fit in a half a webpage size image. Infographics conserve space on a webpage. It allows a lot of information to be neatly and cleverly placed into a beautifully created image. If it is a really good one, it can easily be shared and most of the time won’t be a nuisance. Then there’s also the chance that it will go viral (i.e. spread around the web like wildfire) and can bring a huge traffic boost to your website.

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