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Advertising is one of the most effective business strategies for attracting new customers. The objective is mainly to find the right people and build great professional relationships. The more effective your marketing strategy is, the more you are likely to find great contacts and ultimately reach your operational objectives. In the modern years, the internet had been considered as the most widely used medium for advertisements. For this reason, diversified businesses had been investing into creating the most effective online ads. Continuously looking for the best way these ads will be read or viewed by users. Interestingly, appearance of online ads through organic search highly contributed to the increase of users gaining knowledge about a specific product or services.   However, up to this date, Google is on the top as the most successful organization in the case of online ads based on organic search.

There are different types of online ads such as per-per-click, cost-per-impression, cost-per-thousand and more. Advertisers choose which model they prefer that would suit their preference and budget. Pay-per-click  ads are what we see on web pages from different websites. The website owner gets some ads on his website and if some reader or visitor clicks an ad, the owner will get some money credited into his/her account. The advertiser pays for each click the ads gets, which is why it is called Pay Per Click. Meanwhile, CPM means Cost Per Mille (latin for thousand). It simply means that the advertiser will pay a certain cost for 1000 page views. CPA means Cost per action. In this case the advertiser pays only when the visitor who clicks the ad buys a product or services. If the visitor just clicks the ad but does not buy a product or service, then the advertiser will not pay anything.

Hello CPL

Just recently, the latest breakthrough in advertising has been launched by Yahoo. This is a new approach conceptualized by Yahoo. It allows you to have more connections by collecting demographic information. In this approach, even if the visitor does not buy or avail any product or service, the advertiser still pays for the lead. This is now made possible with the new cost-per-lead ad unit introduced by Yahoo advertising.

This Cost-Per-Lead Search Ads also promotes higher click-through rates and flexible formatting options. Flexible formatting options include choosing your own headline and logo adding up to six individual fields in the contact forms, and enables custom messaging for the audience in a “thank you” message that appears after users complete the form. In their issued statement, Yahoo also guarantees that every match you attract is legitimate. All submitted user data will be verified to ensure charging only for valid deals. Pricing will differ depending on product or service.

This recent innovative new ad format will increase user engagement enabling boost of market. The greater the market, the higher the possible income will be. In addition, this ad format will enable products and services to appear more prominently in the search pages which could lead to an increased number of people given access to information about the product.

A Better Advertising Model

Choosing CPL can be a win-win situation for both the advertisers and publishers. If you come to think of it, it will definitely cost the advertiser more because a simple lead gets paid. But this strategy is attracting a number of publishers because they can earn from it. This means that there are higher chances of getting your product or services promoted to a wider range of users.

However, investing your money in this new way of online advertisement must still be carefully reviewed and analyzed. Will this new cost-per-lead ad be worth every cent you will spend? How effective will it be in promoting your products/services? The best thing to do is research and analyze which online advertising model suits your company.

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