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LinkedIn is popularly known to be a hub where professionals connect with each other. It can also be a venue to get a job. A lot of people now are starting to realize how effective LinkedIn is especially on connecting to business professionals from different fields. Recently, people start using LinkedIn to promote their services, company and business through LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ad Campaign

There are a lot of other social media outlets where you can run your ads, but why should you choose to run an ad on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a community of business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals with more than 150 million registered users. These members create their personal profiles and have self-identified who they are, what field of work they do, and what interests them. Through its paid ad service, LinkedIn lets their marketers make good use of this detailed demographic information to create highly targeted ad campaigns. LinkedIn ads are made to reach a specific set of targeted people. Create ad campaigns that are specific to certain target audience. LinkedIn allows you to reach specific people by using filters like job title, industry, company size, location, school, gender and age. LinkedIn works best when you run ad campaigns around a specific targeted audience. If for example your business or company aims to reach small and medium sized businesses, you should create two ad campaigns: first one for small businesses and the other for medium sized businesses.

Create Your LinkedIn Ad Campaign

First step is to create a new Ad Campaign. To this, go ads and once you’re in, select New Ad Campaign and then you can select Start New. The most important thing you should focus on is the words you use on the ad campaign. Keep in mind your target market and choose a catchy headline. There are several elements that will make people click on your ad, and one of them is the headline. Remember that this is one of the first things viewers will see. Make sure it’s short and straight to the point. Another thing that will affect their reaction to your ad is the value you present, it maybe a 50% discount or $10 off. There are other elements that will influence the reaction of the viewers, but focus on these to get you a good start on your first LinkedIn Ad Campaign.

Target Your LinkedIn Ad

Different companies and business have different target audience, customers or clients. That is the reason why LinkedIn has this feature where marketers get to specify who they what their ad to reach to.

• Identify the market you want. Identify who you are trying to reach to. Are you targeting executives? Graphic designers? Male or female? Reaching the right people is what you’re after. So know who your target market is and make a campaign specifically for them. Let’s say you sell expensive perfumes for both men and women. What you should do is make two separate campaigns. One for females and the other for males. You don’t want your ads to appear or reach people who are more likely not interested to use it. If you’re selling Graphic Tablets, reaching Chefs isn’t a good idea at all. That is how important it is to identify who you want to reach and make sure you filtered it well to reach your target market.

• Job Titles or Positions– Every company or business have different naming system for the same role. So when you are filtering your ad based on the position, try to choose similar positions. You might be trying to target a position but it’s not called what you thought it was called. Let us say for example in the aviation industry, some airline companies use different job titles like Cabin Crew, Flight Attendant, Flight Stewardess or Air Hostess. They are all the same, they have the exact same responsibilities, but companies call them differently. So also try to research on the different job titles for your target market.

Target Groups. You might want to try searching for group names based around job positions, hobbies and interest. Reaching out to groups will save you a lot of money, but will take more time since you have to research about the group your are planning to reach.

Set a budget

One of the common mistakes is that a lot overlook how important it is to focus on the budget. For starters, it is advisable to start with a lot budget to see the effectiveness of your campaign. It would be a waste of money to invest too much and not know if the results of your campaign are good. So start low and observe its effectiveness.

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