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When you’re running a website or blog, you need to constantly produce quality posts for your avid readers. However, creating quality content can be a really hard task especially if you need to write every day about the same topic. Producing regular posts is no joke; it takes a lot of time and effort. It’ll be more difficult for you especially if you have an active lifestyle which gives you less time to sit down and concentrate on writing.

There are now some great ways for producing quality posts on your blog with less effort. Find someone (a blogger) who can write content for you; all you have to do is publish the post. This is called guest blogging. Of course, it’s not entirely for free. No one would write quality posts for nothing! In exchange for the post, you have to put the guest blogger’s website link within or at the end of the post. This is their way to create more traffic to their website. It is definitely a win-win situation for both the guest blogger and the blog owner.

Now, the question is, how do you attract Guest Bloggers to write for your website?

Let It Be Known

Some people use guest blogging as a way to develop their writing skills as well as promote their own name and/or business. So there are many willing participants from different fields of interest. The best way is to advertise on your website that you are accepting and welcoming guest bloggers. This way, visitors will be aware that they can write for you if they want to.  Also, you can set a day for guest bloggers or set a schedule or slot for your guest bloggers. Once you have established this schedule or slot, potential guest bloggers would look out for it.

Having Vertical Content

Vertical content is focused on a single topic, and deep-dives into that specific topic, going into great detail. It is possible that a certain reader has put a lot of thought into their comments because of his or her knowledge about that topic. So when this happens, invite them to be a guest blogger. They can express all their opinions and comments about the topic. What’s great about having vertical content is that it attracts people who specialize on that certain topic you are discussing. Your readers might have more experience and knowledge about it, so they can contribute to your site by guest blogging.

Socialize Online

A simple online search may reveal groups related to your topic. This can include forums, social media groups, community websites. Become a part of these groups. Sign up and socialize. Get to know people you share the same interests with. Listen to their experiences and opinions on topics. Forums can expose how knowledgeable they are about a certain topic. Once you feel confident in their abilities, invite them to be a guest blogger. Still, you have to take note that the quality of work from potential guest bloggers that approach you will generally be greater than those who you might invite blindly. So be open, who knows, from the talks you get in these group forums, you might find someone who is willing to write for your website.

Be a Guest Blogger

Not a very good idea, you think? You wanted to attract guest bloggers so that they can write for you and give you less posts to think about, now you need to be a guest blogger yourself? Yes, you should try guest blogging. Why? Simply because when the time comes you need posts for your website, those website owners you wrote posts for can return the favor or even do more for you. When you have extra time and energy at some point, write for other websites. Create a network where you can support each other, after all, guest blogging is a win-win situation for both parties.

Attract By Not Attracting

Concentrate on how to make your website standout. If you work your way to the top, you don’t have to worry about looking for guest bloggers, they will come running to you. The main reason you started a website is to write, right? Not to get guest bloggers. So focus on your website and concentrate on producing good content to rank your way up. Once you are established, people will start approaching and requesting you if they can write an article for your website. In conclusion, the best way to get guests is for them to come to you, and to achieve that requires to first concentrate on building your site.

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