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Twitter is one of the most famous social networking site. It engages its users to update their profiles as events of their individual lives happen. It currently has more than 500 million registered users around the world, receiving about 340 million tweets a day. This proves to show that Twitter has a big community that is actively engaged.

Now that Twitter is not only available on the desktop but on mobile phones as well, there is a study that says Twitter users now are younger and more engaged than ever.

Younger, better

Since the availability of twitter on mobile devices, more and more users log-in to Twitter using their mobile phones. Since the young generation are usually the mobile phone users, it was found out that 52% of users within the age range of 18 to 34 are more likely to use Twitter via mobile phone. This result suggests that it is better and more convenient since users within this age range have more active lifestyle than anyone outside of the age group.

More engaged than ever

The availability of Twitter on mobile phone has significantly contributed to the engagement of users on Twitter. Usually, people use Twitter just to rant out pointless things and babble about anything they can think of. Now that Twitter is available on mobile devices, updates are just a few clicks away. Twitter on mobile devices made it easier and convenient for users to check on their profiles and tweet updates by people they follow. Now that they can easily check for new tweets, they can immediately react to those tweets; it now has more engagement as compared to before.

Twitter is now used to communicate with friends. Users now tweet that they are in the restaurant or coffee shop where they are suppose to meet instead of sending an SMS. With access on Twitter via mobile devices, has made twitter more “real-time” than it use to be. When people go for shopping and are just so pleased with what they had bought, they are more likely to tweet it as it happens. They would not wait till they get home, turn the computer then tweet this. Of course when people tweet something like this, followers could immediately react to that tweet, since it is very fresh. It encourages twitter users to be involved as things happen within their Twitter community.

Engage your business

People who use Twitter obviously don’t just want to share what they know, they also want to learn new things and discover new things as well. Twitter users are hungry for new things, new experience, new products and new trends and services. Each business has its target market, and twitter is sure to have all people who are widely diverse. If your business is not part of this, then it is such a big lose. For you are missing two opportunities: the chance to grow your business and improving it.

Now that twitter users are more engaged, you too should engage your business and make it grow. This is an opportunity for your business or company to capture the right market suitable to what you offer. As real-time tweets are coming from users around the globe, you can view tweets with relevant words or hashtags that would match what your target market. You can engage with them as well by tweeting and tagging them. Twitter has 500 million registered users and it is impossible for you not to get the target market you want.┬áLet’s say you are selling tea products. In order to engage to twitter users who are actually drinking tea, you can search for the keywords or hashtags and see users who drink tea. You can engage with them and when they get to see your business profile, then you have your potential consumer.

Engaging on twitter can also help your business improve. If you have existing customers on twitter, you get the chance to hear out what they have to say about your products or services. Feedback aren’t always positive. If you get some negative feedback, this will give you the opportunity to improve your services or products. You can also hear out your customers’ suggestions on how to make your products or services better, based on their point of view. Since they are the once using the product or making use of the services, then they know what they want from you. If they find something is missing, they can react and engage on twitter. Who knows, their ideas might help your business in ways you never would have thought.


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